Modern way to learn and to teach, flexibly online

The constant changes at working environments, digitalization and the globalization challenges the future of training services.

How can training cost-efficiently and flexibly respond to the rapidly changing competence requirements of working life?

What are the future training methods that give the best experiences for the trainees?

Trinno’s online trainings:

  • User can attend them 24/7 and do them when having time from the productive work.

  • Are interactive, has high quality content and is always available for verification.

  • Attendee can do the trainings on his/her own pace, redo the needed parts so everyone gets personalized training.



We’re going to provide trainings also in multiple languages, but it takes still some more time to publish them. We’re already working on them. Please be patients to wait for them…


People seem to have lot’s of false information of formal nature and legislation related to Occupation and other related safety trainings. Here is an article where the main officers and people working in the area tell their point of views.

Most popular trainings