The name Trinno comes from words ‘training’ and ‘innovation’. These are the key elements of our business, providing trainings with innovative ways. We are digitizing the trainings with innovative methods so that the trainers, trainees and employers could be more productive despite the training needs and receive trainings with high quality. So we provide to the work field; efficiency and safety, multilingual and multitalents, updates to the certificates and methods how to ensure them.


We start from safety related trainings and then we’ll expand to other areas. We provide everything to the first online trainings, but in the future we hope to more as a platform service provider. Then we’ll provide methods how our collaborators can make from their training materials high quality e-learning material and how to provide it to the customers through Trinno online system.


Our office is located in Crazy Town premises at Tampere. From here we can serve whole Finland and through the multilingual services we can can global services.


We shall provide all the most common safety trainings for professionals in online mode instead of classroom mode. We believe that at the time of digitalization era the time of classroom trainings are history.


Today we’re just four of us doing everything, but we have quite big network of professionals supporting us in all needed areas. This way we can be flexible and cost-efficient.

  • Sami Niemelä, The owner and CEO
    Bachelor of automation engineering; been giving trainings and making guidances for more that 15y in a big corporation. Now running and leading the company.
  • Matti Jääskeläinen, The other owner and Innovation Manager
    Automation engineer; long experience of Information management R&D and services and also giving safety related trainings. Now training and business development.
  • Tero Hietanen, LMS developer
    Bachelor of automation engineering; multiple tasks at customers SW development. Now developing and being the support of the LMS, but also participates material production.
  • Jarkko Jääskeläinen, Media and material producer
    Electrician and Plater-welder; the diginative of the team. Now producing training material, but also media and related method development.

You can contact us with email for of firstname(a)trinno.fi