Finnish Transport Agency updated their requirements related to Occupational Satefy training

Finnish Transport Agency has updated their requirements of Occupation Safety training. Now also Trinno’s training is an appropriate method to prove that the safety induction is done. Here is a link to the published news (only in Finnish).


Also all of the Finnish municipalities will follow the same requirement.

Online training – an alternative for the Occupational Safety training!


The training covers the essential parts of occupational safety training. This general training is useful for all industries and can be used as a part of induction for new employees. User receives a certification and a card as a certification for completion. User can take the training course in parts.



Trinno’s Occupational Safety Training as an online training is as valid as traditional classroom training. The quality and the flexibility are high.



This Occupational Safety training is a good part of a new employee’s induction. A user receives a certificate to his/her email address after the training has been completed successfully. By signing the printed certificate the user can use it as an official document for the employer. The employer can store this document for possible later use.



A user can take the online training beforehand
+ It’s easier to apply for a job when you have the certificates ready
+ Foreign workers can take the course before coming to work in Finland

A user can sing the certificate
+ In Finland a document becomes official when it is signed. From this training, each user receives the certificate as an email, which can be printed out. Each has a special place for the signature.
+ Signed document indicates that the employee has received an induction to the Occupation Safety.

An employer can invite users to the training
+ Employer doesn’t have to arrange training for the employees, but just to invite them from Trinno’s online Platform. The employee receives an email invitation. They can attend as they wish.

Työturvallisuuskeskus ry (later TTK) Työturvallisuuskortti (Occupational safety card) isn’t the one and only
+ TTK is an alternative training provider. Both provide their own training with trademark specific card and both are equally competent to the occupational safety.



A person making questions in a classroom is usually the one who might need less interaction from all of the participants. And the quiet ones would require it the most. In online training, all the users receive it equally.

Interaction a Trinno’s online training makes the user actively follow the given training, participate to get ahead, redo some parts when needed, really think through the questionaries’ etc. Trinno’s well-made online training is more interactive than the old classroom training is.

Buying is made easy

  1. Select the training
  2. Add to Cart
  3. Register/Login
  4. Pay
  5. Attend the training

You can buy one for you, one or several for your colleagues. A user can start the training right after the purchase or invitation.


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