Now we’re finished with the first online training course. That is Occupational safety card training (later OSCT). It is now available at our webstore. From there you can buy one or multiple rights for the course, pay it using NetBank, debit or credit card…

At the page footer you can find lot’s of details how to buy, pay and charging alternatives, tax deduction, terms of usage etc. Please familiarize yourself so you’ll get all the benefits of our services.


Through our pages you can attend online training courses. We don’t provide classroom trainings as we believe we can serve you better on online.

From these online training you’ll get an equal qualification as you’d get from an classroom training. But our online trainings are much more flexible and has higher quality.

From this article you can read about the false thought and images people have related to Occupation safety trainings – sorry that it is available only in Finnish.


“Occupational safety card training is defined by the law”
= It is not 

⇒ Law defines certain matters related to safety and induction responsibilities and this OSCT covers parts of those responsibilities.

Current OST  is the one and only right OST card”
= it is not

⇒ It is just the card that is provided from the training of the Centre for Occupational Safety assosiation. That is a registered assosiation that provides related trainings. From Trinno’s online trainings you’ll get equal qualification.

“Trinno’s OST is a good part of a induction”
= True

⇒ It doesn’t cover all the requirements of safety and induction requirements, but it does fill the great part of it. User can print out the certificate and with his/hers signature it is an official document to show what kind of induction she/he has received.

“Trinno’s OST is approved by the AVI”
= True

⇒ The certificate which is received after the training is finished in agreed level, fulfills the requirements of Regional State Administrative Agencies (a.k.a. AVI) when the printout lists the content of the training with a signature of the trainee.


Trainee can do the course beforehand
+ Enhance trainees employability.
+ Foreign workforce can attend the trainings before they come to work at Finland.
+ Design your own qualification to suit your personal and professional needs, interests and aspirations

By printing out the certificate the employee and the employer can show that the employer has received the common induction
+ After the employer has attended the OSCT, the employer just have to provide the construction yard specific induction

Employer can administrate the training attendees
+ Employers representative can invite the employees to the trainings using their personal email addresses.

Buying is made easy

  1. Choose the course 
  2. Add it into Shop cart
  3. Register / login
  4. Pay the course 
  5. Start the course

You can always buy many and invite you colleague to the course. Check for more at the Guidance page.