Users can make purchases in our web store either by using below-mentioned methods or negotiate with us to become a billing customer. The usual way to purchase a course is to do it in our web store using the payment methods listed in the picture below. In case the user represents an entrepreneur or corporation that has multiple users (10 or more / month) we can negotiate a billing agreement. But just for a few purchases we ask you to use the regular payment methods.

For entrepreneurs or corporations who have a few trainers per month.

Direct purchase – Purchase the course in the web store.

For entrepreneurs or corporations who have several trainers per month.

Billing agreement – Corporations are charged monthly based on use. Please contact us to discuss!

There are two kinds of user roles at Trinno’s online system. The roles are RegularUser (RU) and GroupLeader (GL) and this is how they differ:

  • A user is defined as a RegularUser when the user purchases one license for a training.
    • The user can manage only his/her own personal details.
  • A user is defined as a GroupLeader when the user purchases two or more licenses for a training.
    • GL manages the participants for the trainings.
    • GL sends the invitations to the users’ personal email addresses.
    • GL can follow when the users finish their trainings.

The use of Trinno’s online system is simple and well-guided. Please check this page for more information.