Trinno eSafetycard

Trinno eSafetycard

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Here you can buy the Trinno Occupation Safety online course in English. Read more about the training or about the approval.

  • Select ‘Individual‘ if you are buying the training for yourself.
  • Select ‘Group‘ if you are buying the training for another user. After the purchase, you can invite others to participate in the training. You may define a name for the user group if you wish.

Billing details are used only for the card delivery. Please provide us with a Finnish street address so that we can ensure the delivery of the card.

If you’re representing a foreign corporation: After the purchase, please contact us ( to get a proper invoice for (EU) taxation.

To Finns: Osta tämä tuote, kun haluat hankkia koulutuksen englanninkielellä. Klikkaa oikean yläkulman Suomen lippua hankkiaksesi koulutuksen suomeksi.

Trinno eSafetycard