Here you can purchase online training with an INVOICE

The service in short

With the given details we’ll create you an account for our service. We’ll grant you access to the training you request or grant you permission to invite another person(s) to attend the online course. When we receive your confirmed order we’ll handle it and inform you once completed.

The invoicing service is intended to Finnish companies.

  • Purchasing trainings from the online store you’ll get it instantly.
    • Payment methods: Debit and credit cards, bank online services.
  • With this form, you’ll get the trainings by the next working day.
    • Payment method: Invoicing for a Finnish company
  • The prizes etc. details are available at our online store.
    • The prize contains permission to attend an online course, a diploma in a PDF format, and a certificate in a plastic card (not all trainings). Postage and packing are included to a Finnish address.
  1. Fill in the form and push Submit.
  2. Check the order at your email.
  3. Confirm your order, by replying to the email.
  4. Trinno will handle your order by the next working day.
  5. We’ll send you the invoice once the order is handled.
    • An additional 10€ fee is charged for handling the order.
    • The invoice is due in 14 days.
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    Ordering form:

    Select one or multiple trainings
    Trinno eSafetycard (ENG)Trinno eTyöturvakortti (FIN)Trinno eTyöturvakortti 6kk (FIN)Trinno eSäkerhetskort (SWE)Trinno eSähkötyöturvakorttiTrinno Kausari 2022Ensiapukortti EA16 -kurssiEnsiavun peruskurssi EA16Hätäensiapu 8Hätäensiapu 4Trinno Tietosuoja-asetus (GDPR)

    How many trainings do you need?

    - Please provide the amount of each trainings, if you're ordering different trainings.

    The delivery address for the cards

    - "Company name, recipient (optional), street address, postage number and town"

    Who shall attend the course?
    I shall attendI shall invite another person to attend
    - You can also select both in case you and your colleague shall attend the course.
    - With this selection we'll make you a participant or group leader account.

    Your details:

    At this point we just need your details. We'll inform you once you may fill in the details of another person in case you're ordering training for another person(s).

    Your name

    Your email

    Your phone number

    Date of birth (

    Invoicing details:

    Company name and VAT ID

    Please select the invoicing method


    I have read and accept the terms and conditions Yes

    Additional information (optional):

    You're responsible of the given details, so please re-check them. Submitting the order will send the order to your email. You should confirm the order by replying to the email. You can update order information in the email if needed.