The trainings has to be started six (6) months after the purchase. The training can be re-executed the whole time when the training is valid.

User has the possibility to execute a training right after the payment is done or if (s)he has received invitation to the training (in case of multiple purchase or billing customer).

The trainings are available only online so the user has to have good enough internet connection. User can or may not download the material to any equipment. All sorts of manipulation to the material is strictly prohibited.


Each course contains online tests which a user has to pass in specified level. Otherwise the user has to restudy and retry. The pass rate is defined at the course specific details. It is possible that not all courses contain tests.


User has to convince his/hers identity while registering into Trinno’s online system. Registration ID has to be kept safe and used only for personal purposes. Any other use is prohibited. The certification is personal. For any misuse the registration will be cancelled and user is not entitled to any refund of payments.


To attend Trinno’s trainings user has to have an Internet connection in a mobile (iOS or Android), tablet (iOS or Android) or personal computer (macOS or Windows). Also a browser and personal email address are required.

User attend the training(s) individually using users own or employers mobile/computer with an Internet connection. The used equipment has to have loudspeakers or headset so that the user can listen the speeches.


The information of successfully penetrated training is stored into users data in Trinno system. From there the user can download, print or email it at any time. The certification card, when such is granted, is posted to the users given post address.


Trinno holds the rights to update these terms anytime needed. Trinno will inform registered customers of any changes in these.