Trinno eTyöturvakortti Työturvakortti Työturvallisuuskortti työturvallisuus työsuojelu verkkokoulutus

Trinno eTYÖTURVAKORTTI® a.k.a. eSafetycard is an online occupational safety training

✅ You can purchase training for yourself or for another user/users.
When you’re buying one/many trainings for another user you should always select Group (see pic).
✅ Registration is mandatory. Every user logins with a personal account.
✅ After the purchase, the training can be immediately started or other users invited.
✅ You may start the training when suitable and proceed as you wish.
✅ You will receive a certificate (PDF) to your email once you or the invited user have completed the training.

From the online store you may purchase the training right easily.

You can request on offer from us in case you’re purchasing 10 or more trainings.

Here you can attend the training once you’ve purchased or received the right for it.

luokkakoulutus vai verkkokoulutus

The new way is made easy

  1. Select the training
  2. Add to Cart
  3. Register/Login
  4. Pay
  5. Attend the training

We’re open 24/7

The landing page.

  • Description
  • Validity
  • Part of employee induction
  • Advantages
  • Interaction
  • The content and the product description
  • To whom the training is intented
  • Training as part of the induction
  • Target, duration and validation
  • Participation fee

The Wall of Fame

According to other users feedback, the training is found to be very good. All the feedback is in Finnish.

We appreciate al lot all the feedback we get! You can give it of the platform, pages or the training content.

Howto register and login. The video is in Finnish.

How-to buy guidance. The video is in Finnish.

Here you can find guides howto buy, add users, solve problems, etc. The material is in Finnish.

7 minutes long introduction of the Trinno eSafetycard training. The video is in Finnish.

15 minutes discussion about the online occupational training. The video is in Finnish.

Universal introduction video.