Many big corporations have taken a step further and use our online services!

And the popularity is growing all the time when the knowledge of our online trainings spreads.

✅ Agnico Eagle Finland Oy
✅ Boliden Kevitsa
✅ Edukai
✅ Elfin-ketju
✅ Fennovoima
✅ Fortum
✅ Gasum
✅ Hartela-Yhtiöt
✅ Helen
✅ Requiment business ⭐
✅ Insta Group
✅ Lahti Energia
✅ MER MEC Finland
✅ Meyer Turku
✅ Foresting industry ⭐
✅ Posiva
✅ Sweco
✅ Tampereen Raitiotie
✅ Teollisuuden Voima
✅ Terrafame
✅ Terveystalo
✅ Turku Repair Yard
✅ Väylä

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👍🏼 Content is for any industry
👍🏼 The length is 4 hours
👍🏼 Attend the course in country of origin

#eSAFETYCARD in English

Trinno eTyöturvakortti Työturvakortti Työturvallisuuskortti työturvallisuus työsuojelu verkkokoulutus
First-Aid trainings – Coming in 2022

👍🏼 International content
👍🏼 Contains good practical examples
👍🏼 You’ll learn good first-aid skills

#first-aid 4 #first-aid 8 #first-aid 16

Trinno verkkokoulutus ensiavun peruskurssi EA1 EA16 hätäensiapu 4 hätäensiapu 8 ensiapukoulutus

Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (later FTIA) specifies the contents of the occupational safety training (Finnish link), they don’t dictate which card to take. So any card that matches the specified content is good. Trinno eTYÖTURVAKORTTI ® online training fulfills the FTIA requirements.

Also many of the Finnish cities, municipalities, schools and universities have taken the Trinno eSAFETYCARD into their use.

Above is the list of companies that approves our occupational safety card. And there are plenty more. We advise you to validate the card from who requests the card.